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Re: List of ID corrections was Ap. jurua

I was just reading the other day that mitochodrial DNA (mtDNA) in modern
humans may differ by as much as 24.  The article was comparing this to the
difference of only 22 between modern humans and a Neanderthal's mtDNA.  So
much for the "missing link".


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> I agree, DNA studies are not 'the be all to end all' for answering all
> related questions. DNA research is just one of many resources that we can
use to
> determine how closely or remotely related one organism is to another. It's
> that every specimen within a species has slightly different DNA - but in
> organisms all should have the same mitochondrial DNA sequence passed down
> their mother. The more this mitochondrial sequence differs in closely
> forms, the more likely that they are very different biological entities or
> (whatever 'species' means).

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