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Re: how do you call...

It seems the rules are very different "over the pond" than here in the U.K.
We don't refer to a Wild Caught as F0 - it is simply W/C .  The fry from a
W/C pair are F1's then their offspring are F2's.  Rarely do we then note F3,
F4 etc.
The fry bred from a W/C and F1 are referred to as F1/F2.
I personally would be very displeased if I had paid good money for fish if
they were labelled say F1 if they had not been bred from a Wild Caught pair.

> My understanding of F numbers is that it has nothing to do with wild
caught or
> domestic animals. There actually is no F0. Whether the plant or animal
> bred is wild or domestic the offspring of your 'starters' are F1, the
> of F1s are F2s, etc. Backbreaking offspring to parent doesn't usually
apply in
> this system.
> Mike Wise
> Yvan Alleau wrote:
> > hi all,
> > Since a bunch of us are into genetics and related fields, i have a
> > if the offsrpings of a wild pair (F0) are called F1
> > the offsrpings of the F1 called F2
> > How do you call a cross between 1 F0 and 1 F1 ? Just curious!
> > have a good day

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