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Re: Eunotus was Apistogramma moae


That's not exactly what I said. I said that the
type eunotus hasn't been in the hobby. The closest
to it is the fish we had back in the early 1980s
that we called the Pink Eunotus. This is a deeper
bodied & more laterally compressed fish than what
we see now.  The Pink Eunotus was a pale salmon
color and very easy to breed. It came from the Rio
Shahuaya, closer to Pucallpa where the type
material of A. eunotus was collected than what is
presently shipped as 'A. eunotus'. Most of the 'A.
cf. eunotus are related to the holotype. Fish
labeled "A. cf. eunotus" conform in most respects
to the type material, but are different enough
that we aren't sure that they are the same
species. Until more detailed collections &
distribution studies are made, it is best to
understand that these fish may or may not be A.

Mike Wise

Engagg@aol.com wrote:

> Mike, If no eunotus has been in the hobby, then
> what do we cf. eunotus? Would this fish be
> realted to the real eunotus?
> Greg

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