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Re: Ingo's book

If I were to buy this in German, would you be able to send me a translation?
It looks like here's another one for my collection<:-0

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From: Mike & Diane Wise <apistowise@fgn.net>
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 12:43:10 -0600
To: apisto@listbox.com
Subject: Re: Apistogramma moae

> Ingo's book "Die Buntbarsche Amerikas, Band 2: Apistogramma & Co." is only
> published in German. He is trying to get it published in English, but no success
> yet. One way or another I'm sure that there will be an English translation, even
> if I have to do it myself. You can order the book directly from the publisher's
> web site (www.datz.de), but it helps to be able to read German.
> Mike Wise

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