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Re: One More try at a better PIC...of eunotus/moae

In a message dated 5/23/2002 2:41:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time, aquamaniac@earthlink.net writes:

Well, I can tell it's an Apisto. What did you do to that picture? Looks like
it was airbrushed.

  Geez..now I'm getting picture complaints. Its a combination of having a cheap camera and not really being up on the photo software. You see I can barely take care of my fish let alone take pictures of them Zack-CAR-e.<G> I try not to do much of anything too it so it's a real PIC and not something I made look better than it does. But, actually I told you the fish does look better than the PIC I made and also the PIC Romer made. So I'm sure he used a better camera and his picture doesn't even do my fish justice. Oh well buddy I'm done with the PICS for now unless something surprises me. I was just hopping to get something that would help Mike but, you know it really looks a lot more like the euno(whatever) then the Moae in the Romer Atlas.
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