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Re: tank with apistos cacatuoides

Hello David

You were talking about the fish that have been have been inbred for
generations for color..  The strain of triple reds i am working with
right now are my own fish from fish i have been breeding for at least 8
years now... generation down to next generation.   Yes i get those
females with tons of color, but.... and i say but.. i do not use those
as my breeder females... I find a nice healthy looking female, stout
bright yellow with almost no color on her fins and use them....i guess
as much a throw back to the wild color form of cacatuoides as possible
in captive bred fish.   These females always spawn for me and are great
mothers... i have 2 pairs im working with that came from late last
summers spawns.... they are spawning like clock work for me now.... im
too the point that i dont know where to put this last batch that is in
the tank with the parents now... one pair has spawned 4 times in the
last 2 months... good sized spawns too...come end of summer im gonna be
over run with them....   With this recent spawn of wild caught pair...
it will give me good fish to cross into my triple red line to improve
the quality of the fish and the line.


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