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industrious mamores

Hi all,

I've been sitting watching my A. mamores cavort for about an hour, and I'm so interested in what one of the females is doing that I thought I'd take a break and write about it (of course, I'm also hoping that Murphy's Law is at work, and they'll spawn while I'm away from the tank!).

For the past few weeks, I've had several halved coconut shells with a hole drilled into them lying in the tank. The females ducked in and out of them, but no great interest. Yesterday, I changed things up a bit (always trying to see what the females apistos' tastes are). I had cut up some coconut shells in into quarters and length-wise pieces. I arranged them in little clusters, and the females got real excited. This afternoon, I noticed the male hanging out at the back of the tank, behind a large piece of driftwood. Every now and then, one of the females would dart out from behind the wood, bright yellow. She'd coax the male to follow her around. She's been turning on her side, almost upside down and wriggling (much the way I've seen all three of the fish flip their tales, in what has been described to me as a show of strength). I was very surprised to finally see the female disappear under the gravel! I noticed that a small piece of slate that I have drilled onto the drift wood is minimally exposed. She must have dug a hole out and she'd living down under now! My females have often cleared out little spaces at the edge of pieces of wood, but I've yet to see them go completely underground!

Anyone else with this experience?
Adam (Sorry for the rant!)

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