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Re: pics

Sorry but I think the two of the bottom are two females, the one of the
right is the newer one, the most recent.
That on the left was bought together with the male.
Now I'm been looking at the tank and the male has been chasing the two
females, what can I do??

Bought another male? and two more females?
I think I'm going to buy them in another store... I was told that these
apistos, imported from the Czhec republic were steril, infertil (is this a
correct english)?
What do you think can be a good european source?

Another thing, I noticed that my apisto have been growing too sowly... onw
told me I should do more water changes, I'm doing 10% weekly or biweekly.
what do you think?
Can I improve their growth rythm by changing the feeding pattern? What about
spirulina flakes?


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