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Re: frequent spawning

Seperating pairs to keep them from spawning...
Thats certainly not in my vocabulary.....Spawn baby spawn...... gimme
the fry.... i dont expect my breeders to live more then 2 years and i
expect about 1 good year of spawning out of them... to only want 3 or 4
spawns a year.... i have to admit.... id be nuts to want that... i
presently have 2 pairs of MacMasteri rednecks that i cant stop from
spawning  and am loving it..  i wait about 2 weeks then siphon off the
fry. what i need now is more tank space to house all these fry.... God i
love it when a pair loves to spawn....

Now as to tank size.... i pretty much use only 10 gallon tanks as my
breeders..... i do have a few 15s and 20 longs... but those are for my
bigger fish.....ive only once needed to move a fish into a bigger tank
then a 20 long to keep them happy..... and that was my wild caught
Atahaulpa i got from Julio many years ago.. they just hated
everything... including themselves.   I use lots of flower pots in each
tank, at least 2 per fish and this keeps my aggression level down after
spawns and to a degree before spawns.... ah Hell.... i've bred
Trifasciata ( apisto not rainbows), Nijsenni, Puerto Narino, Aggies,
Cacatuoides, Borellis, Inconspicua, Panduro and Caetei in 5 gallon
tanks, why would i want 30s except for grow outs.... Ive almost never
had a problem with over aggression where i had to remove a male from the
tank after spawning... except with Nanacara Anomolas....  


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