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Re: frequent spawning

Well, John, I'm exactly like Tomoko. I doubt that there are more than a couple
of dozen half-way serious dwarf cichlid keepers in the entire Rocky Mountain
region (from Idaho/Montana to New Mexico/Arizona. If I bred continuously, as I
once did, I couldn't give away all that I produce. Stores don't want them,
local hobbyists don't want them. I gave up quantity breeding after seeing too
many bags of 6 sexable apistos go for 50¢ at local auctions in the past. If I
wanted to move them, I would have to ship all over the country. That is not how
I want to spend my time. For the past 10 years I've bred apistos just to have
replacements and some extras for ACA conventions.

As for only 1 year of production, my 3 year old pair of A. panduro just had a
batch of fry last week. I've had 5 year old pairs of dwarf cichlids spawn. Not
apistos. I'd have to check but about 4 year old pairs is about as old as I ever
had that still produced fry.

Mike Wise

John Wubbolt wrote:

> Seperating pairs to keep them from spawning...
> Thats certainly not in my vocabulary.....Spawn baby spawn...... gimme
> the fry.... i dont expect my breeders to live more then 2 years and i
> expect about 1 good year of spawning out of them... to only want 3 or 4
> spawns a year.... i have to admit.... id be nuts to want that...

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