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Re: frequent spawning

In a message dated 6/23/2002 10:11:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time, TD7894@aol.com writes:

, I am just muddling around.  Sometimes what I do
is just dictated by my own peculiarities.  Thanks, Teresa

Like they say whatever works for you. I thought afterwards that maybe the tank where you breed your fish is more a looking at tank than just for breeding.

My tank upstairs is like that so whenever they start breeding up there I move them down here where the work gets done. I know bare bottom tanks aren't lookers but, what I'm looking at, at that point is more the breeding and parental process.

I know breeding can and in some cases needs to be done in planted tanks but, I like bare bottom because it's one less variable I have to control during breeding. Sometimes even plastic plants will do what you want the real things to do without adding to the water makeup. Oh well nice to hear from you and sounds like you've come a long way. Good luck