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Re: Rocks

In a message dated 6/24/2002 11:00:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time, apistowise@fgn.net writes:

I'll add to what others have said. Having been a
minerals exploration geologist for 10 years, I
think I can add some caution to what has been
said. Vinegar is a weak acid. On some carbonate
bearing rock like dolomite it will not react
without scraping part of the rock into powder.
Dave uses sulfuric acid which is much stronger &
will react without any extra scraping. Geologists
use hydrochloric acid for this purpose. Muriatic
acid can be found at hardware stores. This is an
industrial grade of hydrochloric acid

Hey Mike,
Just curious? How bout if you just take some acid buffer like seachem and mix it in water? Isn't it a dry form of hydrochloric acid and being mixed with water would it not do the same thing as the pool acid or battery in Dave's case?