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ACA and fry

Don't blast me for asking this 'newbie' question.
(Wanted to call it something else.)

How do I feed my fry for the next few days?  Those
dumb cren regani decided to spawn as I just
discovered. I have been working on this pair for
 The macmasteri spawned, the  cren compressiceps have
juvies, another pair of regani have juvies, the cruzi
have fry, the panduro, and lyretail, too.  Please
don't let the mendezi do it too!

All of my fish friends will be in the same van heading
to Atlanta so I can't have them take over.

Stupid discus have flukes and the nothos are
eliminating each other one by one.

Why me? Why today?


I'm panicking, I know

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