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RE: trout chow& beefheart

I am currently using "Game Fish Chow: as a supplement to feeding my angels
and discus and apistos. The apistos seem a little more particular and don't
show the feeding frenzy I get with the other fish. It is really cheap, but
can also be pretty messy. It breaks up into a fine dust if not consumed
quickly. I only use it on bare bottom tanks now. If I remember right it does
not have any more protien or fat than regular dry food. I don't understand
the getting fat comment. I have yet to see any fish become fat from eating
dry prepared food. Live food like white worms, yeah I can see that. But Dry?
Someone enlighten me on the fat issue please.


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Hi, I only hav an experience with beef heart, chopped and frozen.
It is very good for big  cichlids like Nimbochromis, Blue acara and green
Sometimes I mix beef heart with oat meal to add some fiber to his diet.
Until now I have no sterile fish. Try and tell me how it works for you...


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