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Re: Difficult females

Thanks John.  I will see if I can find some fish I can use
as dither since otocinclus cats living with them do not seem
to count as dither to them.  I used to have a few pencilfish
in a tank with a cacatuoides trio.  This worked out nicely
to bring the cacatuoides out of hiding.  The trio did not
breed for me but the pencilfish did.  It's amazing that
pencilfish fry survived with the great big cacatuoides male
patrolling the 20L.  Talking about being good to fry,
amazingly my meanie trifasciata male is very good with his
fry (I thought he might be a bad daddy who eats his babes to
get to his female in heat.)  His fry are about 1 inch SL now
and still living peacefully with their parents. Obviously
apistos males are not predators or pedophiles.  The males
just loose their mind completely when they see a gorgeous
mature woman ; )


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