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thanks for replies and a. viejita

First of all, I'd really like to thank everyone who replied to my question about daphnia as ram fry food.  I've gotten fry before but was never able to feed them baby brine in the beginning since they were so small and was hoping that daphnia would be smaller.  I guess they're not! 
Many people recommended microworms but I read somewhere that they're not very nutritious.  I'll just plop a bunch of java moss in the breeding tank I guess and hope that there's enough infusoria around to feed the newly free swimming fry until they can have bbs.
Anyway, I do have one more question.  Would apistogramma viejita color morph II do better in pairs or trios?  I heard they do better in pairs but would like to hear others' experiences.
Thanks a lot!
-Frank T.

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