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Re: Sphagnum, peat, moss

In a message dated 8/14/2002 7:38:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time, amazonqueen@comcast.net writes:


  Yes, Martha you know I remember when you told me about peat Vs spaghnum peat. I know this will start a whole conversation but, anyhow I used the spaghnum peat in bags weighted down in a planted tank with a sponge filter figuring it would be a slower release process.
  While I was doing this I had mentioned filtering peat to one of the guys at a LFS. Now this guy is one who is pretty well informed. He said he was hearing something about using Peat in a mechanical filter causing ammonia spikes.
  Well, anyhow the other day I noticed my planted tank which has Discus in it. They look a little stressed in the morning. The oxygen was okay. So first thing I did was water change including cleaning out the Eheim and cleaning filtering material. I had some of the same spaghnum peat in-between some micro pad for about a month and sure enough the inside of the filter had a smell similar to household bleach or ammonia. I change water in that tank ever few days but, I only do the filter about once a month and don't always replace all the material in it just wash it out in the aquarium water of course.
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