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A. sp. "Smaragd" yes? update

Well, after scouring the archives and looking at a LOT
of pictures in the past hour or so.. I've resigned
myself to the fact that I've got the A. sp. Steel
Blue.  The stinkin hybrids.  Based on the source (a
shop that has never carried Apisto's before) and lack
of information from shop people, as well as the
coloration on the head region.. it's just got to be. 

Dave, I will try to get a picture up of him soon. 
Will let the list know when.  This is not the exact
same fish as the Steel Blue being sold before.  The
spangles as seen in other pictures have evolved into
an overall blue head and the blue sheen has been muted
into a green sheen.  But everything else is the same. 
Perhaps they threw in a smaragd or A. geisleri into
the borelli/caetei mix.  If this were a more reputable
shop I'd suggest a better look for a solid ID, but,
it's just too close.  Thank you though.  


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