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Re: Fluke tabs

NOOOO, Z, I didn't mean YOU said that about the hydra and bbrine
shrimp...............but many people do think that and this theory has been
around for many, many, many years!  Nor do I take credit for the discovering
the Fluke Tabs for elimination.  I heard it from someone on the apisto list
maybe 5-6 years ago.......I thought they were nuts and I tried everything
except the tabs.........boy was I dumb...........as a last resort I tried
them........super!!!!!!!  I've tried adding salt, some chemical that killed
a bunch of Huser aggie fry, the battery thing.....a zillion things I've
tried but for the moment the Fluke Tabs do best for me in my
water........................someone mentioned something else a day or so
ago I forget what they said.........sounded good though!

...................here they come folks....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mike Jacobs
J&M Tropicals
Wild Peruvian Imports...Plus
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>        Whoops! I never said that Hydra comes from Brine Shrimp Eggs! I
> an article many years ago that most water carries the hydra 'bug' or
> it comes from. I have just today read a few article regarding this by just
> doing a Yahoo search and most articles say that when the excess LIVE BBS
> left uneaten it supplies food for the dormant cysts? or whatever to
> the Hydra. I use mostly RO and I assume that is the reason I haven't had
> pest in over 6 or 8 years as I too go through about 1 can of eggs a month.
>        I also do not take any credit for discovering that Fluke Tabs
> eliminates Hydra. That information was given to me by our good friend
> Schehr at Wet Thumb Aquatics.
>        Z-Man

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