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RE: new aggie

 And just to give a dead horse a swift kick......

We affect the genetics of most of our charges as we breed them. For one
thing most of us practice line breeding. with our brother sister pairings.
The familiar "get six young ones and raise them...". AND we select for
traits that are much different then the wild does when and if we cull. so
that after just a couple of generations we can have fish that look different
then their wild progenitors, i.e. longer fins, coloration differences etc..

This isn't a negative or positive statement it's just the way things tend to
work in our hobby. I don't hybridize nor advocate it. If it happens in my
tanks well lets just say I have a couple of hungry fish disposal units in
house. I'm just stating that the environments we provide our fish with
change them as we observe them.

Erick Jones

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