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Re: new aggie

In a message dated 8/24/2002 1:12:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time, vfjones@gte.net writes:

This isn't a negative or positive statement it's just the way things tend to
work in our hobby. I don't hybridize nor advocate it. If it happens in my
tanks well lets just say I have a couple of hungry fish disposal units in
house. I'm just stating that the environments we provide our fish with
change them as we observe them.

Erick Jones

  Yes, I agree and no I don't believe in what they call Hybrids. I don't really understand that word either because if we were talking about dogs we would call them mongrills<sp?> Hybrid somehow makes it sound nice and exotic or something.

Well, I'm still a Rookie even after almost two years. For those of you who don't like me saying I'm a rookie all the time.
It just means I'm open for learning and I don't even think I'm close to knowing it all or even enough.

Yes, I do refer to my self as a Hobbyist/Breeder but, only because that interest me. Seeing the whole breeding process from beginning to end including the parental part is very interesting to me. Gives a real good feeling not that I made it happen just that I helped and made them happy enough that they would reward me by raising their family in my tanks. I still remember my first spawn Borellii. I kept bugging Zman telling him nothing was happening. He said patience. When I first talked to him my tanks were somewhere around TDS 600. Imagine that.....<G> I've learn a little about that quick.

And I took have some live fish eaters for those that really shouldn't be passed on or allowed to reproduce. It was hard at first but, if you don't learn to do what has to be done sometimes we will end up with a bunch of messed up fish. Plus it's all part of the natural process of things anyhow. The larger fish depend on the smaller for their natural process of life too.

  Oh well enough for now. Have a good weekend and enjoy your fish friends.
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