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Re: Problem with Aggie/ RO Water pH

In a message dated 9/9/2002 1:41:53 AM Eastern Daylight Time, apistorama@fancifulfins.com writes:

. My RO water is around 8.0 so I still need to
buffer it to the pH that I want. The KH (carbonate hardness) also goes down
when using RO water. KH is a measure of the buffering capacity of the
water. So with a lower KH (buffering capacity) the RO water may have a
lower pH than your tap water, but it may not be lower. Because of the lower
KH you have to be careful when adding buffer to RO water, it doesn't take
much to change the pH!


  Hey Eric if your RO water is coming out at 8.0 I think its time to change your cartridges.<G> Either that or it's that Texas air weighing down heavy on the pH test anyhow. Clean water, good food and a little more space should do the trick. At least we agree on that. pH well I think this conversation is covered a million times in the archives so I'll be a good boy for a change and I won't touch it. To quote a memory from the past. "It's all about the DOCS." <G> (Dissolved Organic Compounds)

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