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Re: Re: Problem with Aggie

On Mon, 9 Sep 2002, Tomoko Schum wrote:

> Here's a little tip for you to tell Japanese female's name
> from the male's.  If a Japanese first name (provided it's
> written in English order - the family name last) ends with
> "ko" as in Tomo"ko", the person who belongs to the name is
> almost always a female.  However, Japanese female's names do
> not always end with "ko", although the majority of them do.

Imagine the reverse scenario, where my Japanese former research
collaborators were surprised to be getting mail from what they thought was
some girl named "Eriko". My e-mail at a new job was "eriko@wrq.com"...

ObApisto: We have put our fishroom back together, and are finally getting
to enjoy watching our "Mouthbrooder" specs we picked up at the convention
in July.  Typesetting another nifty apisto article from that wacky German
guy for that wacky American club's mag, about nijsseni & related species
(due out in October).  Didn't connect the two until last night.  ("Oooh, 
nijsseni group!") It helps having the tanks face forward instead of being 
crammed together on end.

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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