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Re: payaminonis???

I don't chime in much, but I don't hesitate when I have a question. 
Surely someone out there knows something about what I am going to
ask/suggest.  First question:  Why don't the "experts"  get together and
agree on a species sample of each apisto.  In other words, you have a
fish, get 3 guys together in the US, agree that that particular fish is
representative for the species, then get a second opinion from overseas
(to avoid any conflict).  Then get a few scales and extract the DNA and
analyze it.  OK, I know.  Who has the money for that?  I don't, but
isn't there some type of wild-life protection group that does?  perhaps
a governmental grant of some kind could fund this.  It would be a great
case since we lose millions of unknown species each year from the
rainforest.  Also it could be used by anyone studying evolutionary
trends.  It wouldn't take that long and wouldn't cost THAT much.  this
could be done for each fish (apisto. or any others; but for this list
apisto).  The trick would be to determine the quantity for each species,
so not to confuse some crazy penotypic-mutation in one type, for an
entirely different species.  It would basically eliminate the whole "I
call it this, but he calls it that."  Anyone know if this can be done,
or did I just waste 5 minutes on nothing?  

Archie Christian
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