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Re: genetic testing

I also don't comment much but would provide a strong
caution to all who believe that genetic studies will
provide answers.

I spend a bit of my professional time working on
native trout restoration issues. Trout have been
extensively studied for over a hunderd years and
biologists still argue over species identification.
Particullarly with the American cutthroat trout
subspecies it is very difficult to identify what a
"pure" fish is.

One of the main problems at this time is that only a
small part of the gentic code (usually 6 loci with
trout)is mapped to allow for testing. Mitochrondrial
testing is offering new possibilities for precise
testing but, I suspect it will be many years before
any sort of comprehensive survey of Apistos will be
done using these techniques (although it would be very

Bob Wiltshire

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