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heater / A. sp pebas

hi all,
i've just put in 5 new 10 gal and would need to get some heaters. I'm
looking for the Accura brand which i use to use back in France under a
different brand-name and which very reliable.
In case you would know a good wat to get some, could you please drop me a
line of list?

Fishwize i just put some young A. sp pebas (identified as such by Mike Wise)
to grow and would like to have more info about them. nothing is writing in
Romer's book about them (or i haven't seen it) or A. papagayo to which they
are close to. By the way, does anyone reproduce that species? I remember a
beautiful picture of a male that was send on the list a little while ago.
They breed in my crowdy growing tank among diplos, nanies, bitaeniata,
trifasciata and rams and in tap water. I separate the trio and i am runing
RO water for them. Are they black water fish? Any info would be welcome.
thank you all.

Yvan Alleau
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