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Some ID's needed.

OK all,
Here is what ive got. I previously thought that I had two male sp. four stripe, now im unsure. The obvious male has longer vertrals and is about a half and inch bigger and just overall heaftier looking. He also has black eyes. The sub dominent male/possible female isnt that much smaller than what would normally be expected in apistogramma sp. This fish has a subtlely different body shape with ventrals that are not as long. A very noticable difference being the eye color. This fish having blue with some slight red in the eye.
OK on to my next fish. This fish closely resmbles a large male bitaeniata. The differences are that it completely lacks and extensions in the dorsal and in addition to dark lateral line has three,unbroken, abdominal stripes, the top one being as thick and dark as the lateral. Im working on getting photos of this fish out as my books have nothing to help me. I was given this fish with the commitment to try and ID it.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
Kelly Higgins