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A. cacatuoides Resources

Hello all!

I have no idea how active this list is, but I'll throw in this question and
see what happens...

I've been more or less heavily involved with aquaristics over the last
twenty years, and have bred a few species of cichlids over the years.
Recently, I've completely revamped my 220 liter tank, and have introduced
the first Apistos I've ever had - a pretty pair of A. cacatuoides (triple
reds, it seems). 

I'd be interested in references to good sources of information on A.
cacatuoides (on the web and in print), as well as in general advice from
anyone willing to share.

I also have a particular question: the aforementioned tank is a community
aquarium with neon tetras, some platys and a bunch of Ancistrus. Could the
latter pose a problem during Apisto breeding season (i.e. devouring layed

Any insights would be highly appreciated!

Kind regards,

Ron Pfister

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