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Re: Spare me

In a message dated 10/2/2002 4:40:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time, ronald.pfister@pelagic.net writes:

David A. Youngker

Hey there is David Y,
nice to hear from you. Man I like all this schooling I'm getting see what happens when you don't know the meaning to a word and people are so eager to help out. Now I wonder how many people are actually learning something here cause I've been contacted before and people have told me they liked the way I just spoke up and ask about stuff I didn't know. They said they learned a lot that way. Thanks everyone although infusorians is different from infusion I do think now when I eat at a place which tells me that something is an infusion of something I might have a hard time ordering it thinking of all those things going around in my food.<G>

As a side note David you wouldn't believe how great my Blackworm culture is coming neat. Its working even better than they said it would thanks...
                                               Have a good one everyone and thanks much.
PS....I breed a lot of Apistos I don't know why they breed
they just do....hehehe

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