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Re: Spare me

That's great.  I think Jerry and myself understand the term now.  Until
I can filter the protozoa (or was it paramecium?) and the other
delectable ciliates, flagellates, & maybe rotifers, from the crap...it
will still be called "the crap released from squeezing the filter
sponge.  I think everyone gets that.  
So freezing looks like the way to go.  I have had some problems with
the apisto trader list & was wondering if it was only me.  I am also
building (or trying to build) some racks for multiple tanks..probably
20L.  not a carpenter, not an engineer, just a scientist that likes to
do that stuff.  Does anyone have any advice besides the one in the Krib?
 I want to see the fish, so they won't be as spatially efficient.  

Also, is there any type of database around?  maybe the ASG has one?  it
would be cool to have something easy to access the likes and dislikes of
the different fish, but people wouldn't make as much money making books.
 Although, books are nice for reading anywhere...and they don't impair
your vision like computers.  just a suggestion/inquiry.

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