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RE: Spare me

> From: JerrCarol@aol.com
> Sent: Wednesday, October 02, 2002 5:52 PM

> Hey there is David Y,
> nice to hear from you...

Been touch 'n go for a while, there - for my account, that is. My ISP's been
playing some _really_ screwy games with local dial-up access, but that's for
another forum...

> Thanks everyone although infusorians is different
> from infusion...

Just as the word "ain't" can be found in the dictionary nowadays, and
"flammable" has slowly replaced "inflammable" because most people associate
the prefix "in-" with opposition, "infusoria" is the more widely used. I
just threw the thought in as fodder for a possible (but admittedly remote)
chance at "Trivial Pursuit" victory...

> I do think now when I eat at a place...

Not to worry - although "all infusoria live in infusions", not "all
infusions harbor infusoria". You'd have a difficult time finding live ones
in your freshly-brewed tea, for instance, but I wouldn't want to bet on the
same after it's sat at room temperature for a few days (*hours* if you're
searching for bacteria). More than you ever wanted to know, probably  ;-)

> As a side note David you wouldn't believe how
> great my Blackworm culture is coming neat.
> Its working even better than they said it
> would thanks...

Ah - the real reason for a return reply this time (up to now's been idle

What Jerry's referring to is the article on Carolina Biological's Web site
outlining the culture of Blackworms in the classroom. I'm commenting here
because I've made this URL available to the List before as demonstration
that such cultures need be neither difficult nor "septic". It's also listed
on my old Live Food page. But as Jerry pointed out when he first contacted
me, Carolina has restructured their site and he wasn't able to locate the
new URL. I at least knew what I was looking for, so I tracked it down for

For those still interested, the new location is
http://www.carolina.com/tips/worm/worm.asp ...


Tomoko -
If you're reading the List, I _am_ solidly back on line at last. Please
contact me directly now that I can tell if your Mayaca arrives safely or

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