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Re: Spare me/ Blackworm culture

In a message dated 10/2/2002 7:48:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time, nestor10@mindspring.com writes:

For those still interested, the new location is
http://www.carolina.com/tips/worm/worm.asp ...


Yep that was the link. I told you I would try it. I scaled it for a 10 gallon tank though and I just use for some of my breeders that need that little extra kick. But I was surprised when I started it with about a dozen worms from last order from California and in about a month I had a nice ball of worms. I change water every 10 days and I feed sinking pellets twice a week. Last water change had 3 nice balls of worms after 36 days. It seems to be just about doubling every couple weeks. Nice huh?
  Take care and good to hear from you.
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