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Re: orange group

Eric I have been growing Daphnia for a few of years
now and the one thing I have learned about them is how
tough they actualy are. Old dirty fish water is
nutrient rich and would be beneficial in as far as it
would be a ghreat meduim for growing greenwater.
Perhaps you could use this water to seed some
greenwater and then use the greenwater as a feed.
Daphnia are filter feeders and I feed mine almost
excusivly greenwater. I also feed a mix of frozen peas
and carrots that I mix in a blender but this i feed to
a booming culture and then only sparingly. Good luck

Dave Sanchez

--- Apist-O-Rama <apistorama@fancifulfins.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
>          My fiance breeds and shows bettas. Several
> of her grow out tanks turn
> orange for a few weeks then clear up. It looks sort
> of like green water, but
> orange. There appears to be no ill effects on the
> bettas from the orange 
> water.
> Do you guys think I could use this orange water to
> feed to my daphnia 
> culture? I
> only have one 15 gallon tank right now to culture
> the daphnia, so I am 
> hesitant
> to just add the orange water without some advise
> first. I would hate to 
> kill my
> only culture and have to start over again.
>          Thanks,
>          Eric

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