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RE: Wild Caught Fish

I guess outside of the Agassizi, Juruensis, Hoignei, Trifasciata, sp
Maulbruter, sp Cara Pintada, Cf Cacatuoides, Nijsenni, Gephyra and
Bitaeniata....... I refuse to keep Wild Caught stock too...... ahhhh hum

If properly taken care of Wild Caught fish are no more problem to keep
the any aquarium strain fish.   Actually I PREFER to keep wild caught
fish for reasons of Looks, Vigor and less chance of line bred problems
as compared to aquarium strains of fish....   After having a
conversation several years ago with a fellow club member and apisto list
member,  I have learned to appreciate the qualities of wild caught fish.  

Now the question arises, Do wild caught fish need some special care.....
yes!   You have to watch your fish for diseases and parasites that come
in from the wild.   But this requires no more care then watching any
tank you have for ick, fin rot, or whatever...    

Ok off my soap box and back to enjoying my fish.....

Anyone working with Cruzi or Caetei??  Please get ahold of me.



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