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Re: Wild Caught Fish

  Well, not to be a tie breaker or even to get between anyone. But, I only had one shipment of wild caught. They came from a hobbyist friend who I know knew how to take care of his fish and I would trust like my brother. He kept and sold the fish himself and didn't have any problems. I put these same fish in a 30 long and before long some of the blotches and black fins and stuff like that started to show up on my tank bred fish. Part of the way I knew it was something in that tank is because some of the fish from those same tank bred spawns were in other tanks and they kept their nice appearance. Whereas as time went on the fish in the tank with the wild caught all started to look like wild caught after some time. They were all the same types of fish either. Just my one any only experience kind of keeps me from the W/C. No I can't say I'll never try them again but, I will do things differently. And yes I wish I could keep a quarantine tank but, that means having an empty tank waiting for someone to get sick. I'd have to keep fish in the bathtub to keep from filling that empty tank.<G>

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