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Related to the WC thread going on at the moment:

I'm surprised that some of you have mentioned either
no quarantine periods or quarantine periods that I
would consider short.  I think it was Mike Wise who
noted his was 6 weeks.  I know I know, that sounds
like a long time, but a number of zoos/aquariums quar
animals for three months, six months for some

Admittedly most of these fish are wild-caught
saltwater species, but, I still think its relavant. 
Even transfers from other institutions get a quar
period of two months.  

I don't exactly know where I'm going with this, just
wanted to point out this difference between serious
hobbyist practice and "professional".  Just thought it
was interesting.  Perhaps there's an article about
parasite/virus/bacteria disease incubation time
someone could refer me to that would shed light on the
most optimal quarantine period length.  

Have a great weekend everyone

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