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Re: post partem depression

I give them a 50% water change weekly, they are in a moderately planted
tank.  They are fed live food once daily, blackworms, daphnia, bbs,and
grindal worms(rotated).  Ph 7.2, Kh 8.  I'm on well water, so no
additives whatsoever, except for the heavy dosing of fertilizer in my
38g 120w co2 injected tank.  I do have some RO water available to me, so
I may try giving them 1/2 RO and 1/2 tap on water change day.

No changes in feeding or anything else, just took the babies away.  I
really like the looks of the hognei too, the males fins are impressive.
That's the reason I'm depressed about him not displaying.


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