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Ang: Re: sp Mortentaler

"And ppl wonder why we have so much trouble with id'ing new species, no
one can agree on a name.... " (John)

It is for sure that the same fish have many names;
-Localname by native collectors,  Apistogramma bayface (?)
-sp. "locality", Apistogramma sp. "Rio Tefé"
-fancy trade name, Lyretail apisto
-"A try to place it" name: Apistogramma cf. gephyra
all in diffrent language spanish/Portuguese, german and english.

No one consider a A-number for a unidentified fish, like L-, and C-numbers for Loricariids and Corydoras?
I hope (if we care) that we cant but the same order as killifish keepers do (Epiplatys singa 'Santa Clara' GHH99/25) or stick to the great "Systema Naturae"

Best fish
/Pär Jansson


Pär Jansson
E-post: par.jansson@carlbro.se

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