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ID please

Yesterday I bought some fish at my lfs named Apisto Cacatuoides Red Tail but as far as I can figure, they are not cacs at all.  I got a pair (though I might have been better to get a trio for breeding purposes?) and the male has a pointed dorsal and the female doesn't.  The strange thing is, they don't have the high dorsal fin that I thought was standard in all cacs.  They both have a long-based shallow dorsal fin as you'd expect in the females of some species.
They are not very deep and have one dark longitudinal band which appears to be going along the lateral line and two faint bands under that which seem to be emotional, also horizontal.  The male's pelvics are black on the anterior edge and yellowy at the back with the rest of the fins clear.  All the female's fins are clear.  Along the top of the them is a variegated pattern of brown and the normal body colour, a pale yellowy brown.  The caudal fin is truncate shaped and the mouth seems quite large.  When frightened, they turn completely the variegated colouring described above and have black eyes.
I hope this can return an ID as I don't have a digital camera and haven't found any pictures on the net that are close.
Also, in female rams, are the first few rays of the dorsal extended at all?
Thanks a lot,