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Re: aweful quiet here lately

Three Guys Aquatics wrote:

Hey guys/gals..

Well after working from am to pm..you guys covered about everything of the
OCA 2002, and yes I agree 100% in the years that I've been attending they
have beaten records and more. This years was no exception to the previous
years..Superb lineup of speakers, superb hobbyist in attendence..and those
two make for a great weekend of fish talk!

I have just wandered back into the world of cichlids after an 8 yr hiatus... this time I'm wandering into dwarfs, and specifically, apistos. :-)

I belonged to the ACA 10 yrs ago, and enjoyed some conventions - will probably join again. I used to keep the medium/big cichlids like Dempseys, Firemouths, etc. and had all those huge tanks around the house - they were hard to move when we used to move every couple of years! So, I slowly trickled away from the hobby. I still have a 13 yr old Tilapia mariae in a 55 gallon by himself - he's a great buddy. However, I've gotten into bettas and guppies over the last few years, and many smaller tanks work better for me now overall, including a 10 gal tank at work. :-) But dwarf cichlids I'm finding fascinating, and the cichlid bug has hit me again!

So because I've been away from cichlids for awhile, I'm a little ignorant on how some of the clubs work. I didn't know about the Ohio group's show - was it the weekend before T-giving? Don't tell me it was over T-giving.... I drove from MA to Ohio this past week in nasty snow storms (and drove back through them to get home, too!), and I'll be depressed if I missed a show while I was in Ohio!

Does anybody know if the Ohio club accept membership from non-Ohioans (or "Ohio ex-pats")?


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