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Re: aweful quiet here lately

Hello Janice

Welcome back into the world of cichlids.... Dwarf cichlids are my

To answer a few of your questions..... Yes you can keep and breed
apistos in 10 gallon tanks.  I keep around 30 different species and use
10 gallon tanks as my primary breeding and rearing tanks..... a few
species are in larger tanks but not alot.   Secondly..... The Ohio
Cichlid Association had their Cichlid Extravaganza the weekend BEFORE
thanksgiving..... you can be a member of the club without living in
Ohio...... go to 
www.ohiocichlid.com and check out their web page for membership.    I
get their newsletter each month without living in Ohio..... I love it.

Good luck with your endevours into the world of Dwarf Cichlids.

Tundra John
Northern NY

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