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Looking for some dwarfs as foundation stock

As a beginner in dwarf cichlids, but definitely not a beginner in cichlids or tropical fish in general... I'm thinking of starting with A. borelli, A. cacautoides, or A. viejita. I'd love to work with and breed show quality fish. I have a 10 gallon tank I can start with, using peat in the water to maintain correct pH (I currently do this w/my wild betta species). So if any of these 3 apisto species wouldn't be happy in that kind of set-up, or would be unhappy because of space requirements, please let me know. Are they all harem breeders?

As another point: can anybody point me to good breeders in the U.S. of any/all these 3 species? I don't have a feel yet for who breeds show quality fish of those 3 species yet, so I'm hoping for a little help. I like to start with the best breeding stock I can when I start with a new type of fish.

Thankyou very much for any help or pointers that anybody can provide!

-Janice in MA

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