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Re: A. Ortmanni now A. steindachneri

These come from similar conditions to Cacatuoides. Pretty fish and I've found them quite easy to breed. They turn a really handsome gold colour. I've also found that the strain that I have doesn't have the lyreate tail, the giveaway is the position of the lateral spot (I believe it lies ON the lateral line with Steindachneri and ABOVE the line with Rupununi.)

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From: "Kelly Higgins"
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 23:16:58 -0600
To: "Apisto"
Subject: A. Ortmanni now A. steindachneri

Mike, Bailin,
After looking at everything Bailin sent me and My own books I have Identified these fish as steindachneri. The male is just now getting a lyerate tail which is the tell off on this fish. They are just little brown fish, but I am still enjoying them and hope they color up a bit. I have them in black water with peat and oak leaves. My book didnt say weather this was a black water sp. or not however so I guessed.
Kelly Higgins

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