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Should I use a tank separator?

Hi y'all,

There is a tiny baby boom going on here (in my rather
crowded grow out tank of all places) and I am quickly
running out of space (eggs are going, too.)   I sure can use
some advise right now.  Like Janice, I don't expect Santa is
going to help me with the space problem.

I am going to move my A. sp. Rio Mamore to a planted 20GL
along with a pair of borellii.  Can someone tell me if a
densely planted 20 GL work for these pairs without a tank
separator?  They don't seem to be very aggressive.  If it's
advisable to put a separator in, I might as well do it now
before I move the fish.    I am hoping that ever prolific
borellii can give some encouragement to my Rio Mamore pair
who have repeatedly failed to raise a family in the past.
If borellii mom decides to kidnap the other's babies and
raise them all together, that's fine with me.

Luckily I managed to steal Rio Mamore's eggs this time
before someone got to them.  I have never hatched apisto
eggs away from parents before, although I have hatched eggs
and raised fry a number of times with angelfish.  I am
assuming the procedure is pretty much the same.  Am I right?


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