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RE: Sexing A. iniridae


If these are out of the same group that went thru Aquatek, you should have
no problem sexing them. The males have really long ventrals(when carried
close to the body they reach the caudal peduncle) and the dorsal are almost
as tall as the body. They are also showing those 4-5 dark patches on the
lower back half of the body when they display a threat. Now..... catching
the exact fish you wanted out of that tank was an adventure. As soon as the
net hit the water they scattered and boy are they fast. There were 20 or 30
of them there, maybe someone else here in town has an extra male. I have had
one unsuccessful spawn, but the female is yellow and caving again. I have
been treating them like blackwater fish, but there is not much info out
there on these guys. How many forms are documented? The ones we have are not
the same color as the ones in Romer's. His are red/brown, these are more
gray/green with yellow becoming visible in confrontations, with the femal
looking as you described, yellow with a single spot.


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