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Re: leaf prep(sterilization)

Thanks for the warning, I'm going to sterilize the next batch.

 Should I boil them or nuke 'em in the microwave?

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Sent: Sunday, December 22, 2002 10:52 PM
Subject: Re: leaf prep(sterilization)

> 1 I'm sure it came in on the leaves, primarily because in that tank
the fish have been healthy for at least
>  months.
> 2 It wasn't a slug
> 3 It was alive
> 4 I'not sure it was harmful (in fact I'm pretty sure it wasn't 'cause
it had had a week to attach itself to a fish and it hadn't done so.
> 5 It WAS a warning to sterilise leaves before adding them to a take
(or that's how I'm taking it)
> 6 Maybe it was a nematode? I know that there is a huge variety of
nematodes, only a very few are harmful to fish.
> C:-)lin

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