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Re: Sponge Filters

I like the Brilliant double sponge filters (formerly Tetra, now Hagan?). They suction to the glass so you can clean underneath. You also do not have to worry about fry getting trapped underneath. What I particularly like is that there are two sponges. This allows you to clean one sponge and leave the other alone. The next time you clean the tank, you switch which sponge you clean. That way, one of the sponges is always strongly biologically active. Also, if you are starting a new tank, you can steal one of the sponges from an established tank and your new tank is instantly "cycled". For small tanks (2.5 & 5 gallon), I cut down the length of the lift tube. The only real negative I see with them is that the rubber suction cups lose their flexibility after a while. At least mine do after 3 to 4 years - I clean the plastic parts with bleach every so often, so this may reduce the suction cups' lifetime. I just replace them with airline suction cups (10 for $2 retail).


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