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Lyretail Panduro (Was Apisto I.D.)

Hi Mike

I was at the LFS to take another look at the Lyretail Panduro.

Can`t tell with colour form there are,as there very little colour on them?? But
there are Lyretail Panduro for sure

The staff told me the female`s have no Lyretail.

Would that make it just a regular panduro then??

At $50 for the pair I pass on them


Mike & Diane Wise wrote:

> George,
> A. sp. Lyretail (or Lyretail Panduro) is a relatively new nijsseni-group
> species in the trade. It is similar to A. panduro, but has a yellow or red
> lyretail. There are 2 color forms: Lyretail I, with a yellow body & fins &
> Lyretail II, with a blue cast to the body & fins. I imagine this is what you
> have. BTW both sexes have lyretails.
> Mike Wise

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