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Re: Apistogramma frank

Actually, I'm more concerned with the ID rather than the spawning at this point...not a single spare tank at the moment.

As for the spawning aspect, they seem to form pairs. I've got 3 males and  5 females in that tank and the 2 'stray' females just do their own thing, and try to get one of the males attention. They don't seem interested though, they always end up back with their original partner. The water is stained from the driftwood and has a pH near 6. TDS is minimal, and temp is in the low 80's...

I'm not sure about the morado, the only picture I've seen of them doesn't really resemble them (to me).  I found a picture a couple weeks ago, I believe it was Apisto. piauensis but I can't find it again. I was leaning that direction until I looked at a picture that he is using in a current auction of them.


At 06:34 PM 2/1/2003 -0500, you wrote:
In a message dated 2/1/2003 5:55:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, kelly_higgins@cox.net writes:

I've got a group in a 15g tank with some driftwood and a few plants, mostly
>hair algae ;-)  They have spawned a couple times but haven't been able to
>get them much past free swimming yet. Any ideas?

  Why not just narrow the group down to the pair that are breeding? If both parents take care of them, then fine but, if there is a problem pull whoever is causing it. Not an expert but, just the way I would handle it if I wanted to have some offspring.


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