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Re: OT: Photo pinchers!

On Sun, 2 Feb 2003, FBethea wrote:

> I realize that once you post pictures on the web that you open
> yourself up to idiots like the one below. Everyone that has used my
> pictures so far have asked to use them and have given me credit. But
> what should I do about a person who lifts a photo from the Potomac
> Valley Aquarium Society and claim that you didn't take it? It's so
> asinine that it gives me a headache.

With the 9 years of running the krib, I've dealt with this before from
time to time... what do you do about someone who lifts it from a site who
lifts it from another site?  Or who lifts it from a site who legitimately
asked for it?  ("I got your photo from Fish Link Central".)  Or when the
original site barely even acknowledges a group of 100 photos as being
yours, aside from tiny print at the bottom?  Or they take every one of
your photos, run it through some filter that makes it look truly awful,
yet calls it an "improvement"?  (for example, compare
http://mystery.thekrib.com/acj.jpg with
http://gpas.org/2002_show/all2002pics/Auction.jpg to get an idea).

I've given up, assume all my old photos are just going to be scattered
like that, and now only upload my "B" photos, upload only a low-quality
version, and burn a reasonably visible copyright into every one, so at
least it's trackable.

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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